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Below you will find three scenarios, matched to the Personas already described.

What could the App accomplish?

Scenarios: Text


Scenario - 1

It is Saturday afternoon and Mac and his wife would like to get out for a while. They have no shopping to do. They have lived in their current residence for 18 years and believe they know every step in a 2-mile radius. Mac’s wife doesn’t mind re-doing the same route repeatedly, they have a Sunday routine. Mac, on the other hand, prefers some variety and would also like the walk to have some kind of point. He asks the App to construct a circular route of no more than 6 miles and must include anything new that has opened in the last three months. Be it a pop-up store or bar serving drinks to go, he doesn’t care. He also specifies the route should, if possible, not be one already in history.

Scenario - 2 

It is Sunday afternoon and Margaretha is at home. The weather is grey and she is tired. However, she has not taken the dog for a walk. She inputs this information into the App to obtain the shortest possible distance she needs to take her dog. The App shows the best route to the nearest public green space where dogs are allowed taking into consideration distance and steepness. The app flashes up an umbrella Icon to remind her the weather forecast is rain.

Scenario - 3

It is early evening on Thursday night. Mike and his wife would like to leave the house and make a small city round-trip with as little walking as possible this time. They would also like the route to take them to some places of local interest where you do not need to enter and pick up a pizza on the way home. Both Mike and his wife are members of various E-Mobility services. The App shows the first where they can find the nearest two E-scooters, then the cheapest option, which is 100 meters further away, then the proposed circular route with attractions and finally, where there is an open Pizza to take away with high customer ratings near them. 


Scenarios: Text
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